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Cowboy Chuckwagon

Cowboy Chuckwagon

A large part of my fascination with history is the ability to see it. Old photos are a very important part of that visual aspect of history as they give you a window to see into another time. As such, I’ve collected quite a few old photos which I’ve decided to share part of here at the bottom of History Rhymes.

I’ve uploaded over a hundred photos from my collection and they are selected to be displayed at random. The photos come from a number of sources, but they are primarily photos I’ve come across some place or another on the internet and liked.

I am always on the search for more photos, so if you would like to share some of your historic photos with me, just send me an email!

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Wilson’s Creek Battlefield

As you’ve already read from the last post, I recently returned from a trip to Missouri. I saw the houses of the James brothers and I also took a day trip down to Springfield, MO and visited the Wilson’s Creek battlefield where one of the first large battles of the Civil War took place. T...

Kings of Bavaria: King Otto I

King Otto I was the king who never reigned. His story was a tragic one that to this day remains unique in the history of Bavaria. He became king upon his older brother's death, but as he had already been declared insane and mentally unfit to rule, his uncle took over his royal duties as prince regen...

Indians and the Imperial Powers of Europe

At the university library, I came across a book by the title A Companion to The American West, edited by William Deverell, and have been slowly working my way through it. The book is a series of essays that talk about what the American west is, how the west is defined and how the definition...

Nineteenth Century German History

Despite having just begun another series, I am going to be embarking on a second multi-part series which has to do with nineteenth century German history. The goal of the project will be to give a survey of nineteenth century German history. You may ask why I am going to be pursuing such a project.....