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A Decade of History Rhymes

History Rhymes - Original Blog

History Rhymes – Original Blog

It is hard to believe that an entire decade has elapsed since I published my first History Rhymes blog post entitled “Starting Out.” At that time, the blog was still hosted on and used a standard theme (see the image to the right). In fact, it is even still online.

A lot more than just the theme has changed in the past ten years though. Originally, this blog was intended to be a spot where I could dump interesting research material I found that may or may not have interested others. It has since developed into a full-fledged history website whose goal it is to provide informative historical articles about the nineteenth century. Over the years, I have tried to raise the quality and make the whole project more professional.

History remains a passion of mine and I thoroughly enjoy researching and writing posts for History Rhymes even if I do not always have the time I would like to invest in it. I have big plans for it for the future and am looking forward to the next ten years!

— Alex

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