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Cataloging with LibraryThing

So now that I have access again to my entire personal library, I have begun to catalog all of my books with LibraryThing. It is taking a while because I have quite a large number of books. Several of them are foreign which means that it is quite difficult to find them with LibraryThing. I can type in the ISBN and some of them still do not show up. I guess I will just not be able to add those.

Other than that little hurdle, the cataloging process is going smoothly. It just gets somewhat redundant and tedious after a while, so I have been taking a lot of short breaks so I don’t wear myself out too quickly. I still have about half of my library left to catalog and already have 73 items cataloged (not including the foreign books, of course).

Here is a widget with some of my books:

Recommended Books:

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