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Blog Consolidation

I am thinking about consolidating all of my blogs into just two: an English language blog and a German language blog. I am kind of tired of having several different blogs which I feel I need to update and which often times have the same subject matter anyway. The separation between English and German I still feel is valid for obvious reasons, but other than that I don’t think I really need seven different blogs.

If I were to do that (and I am still in the internal debating process of it), I would turn History Rhymes into my English language blog. The subject matter wouldn’t change a whole lot, but there would possibly be a few posts about other, non-history related subjects such as technology, German or my music. My only problem is I am afraid I would alienate readers who do not care for such topics and only want to read about history. Of course the subject matter would primarily be about history.

What do you, the readers, think about the idea? I am, after all, keeping this blog for my readers. I would really like your input on it.

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