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John Wayne as a cowboyOne of the things that got me interested in the history of the American west are westerns. I used to watch John Wayne movies with my grandpa when I was young and since I’ve been in Germany, I’ve found that many Germans also really love westerns. They even have their own breed of the genre which is amusing to watch because the characters are supposedly in Mexico or Texas speaking German.

Anyway, I bring this up because I came across something a couple of days ago that I think any lover of the genre will appreciate, if not enjoy. It is a podcast called the Western Wednesday Podcast. The podcast has 20-30 minute shows that are available for download every Wednesday. The shows themselves were created — both written and recorded — in the 1950’s and were designed for radio. For anyone who really enjoys westerns, this is a great opportunity to listen to some classics. Although they may not be 100% historically accurate, they are a great glimpse at the time period and they will really help put you into the mentality of someone who lived during the “wild west” days. Of course they are entertaining as well.

You can find the podcast on the Western Wednesday Podcast website where you can subscribe via iTunes or any other RSS reader that supports podcasts.

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