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New Homepage and Updated Design

I am pleased to announce a few changes that have been going on here at History Rhymes. One of the first things you may notice is that the homepage now has a new design. The purpose of the redesign is to put an emphasis on the feature articles while still allowing me to write minor news posts like this one. Since I am planning on using the news feature a lot more often to provide a source of nineteenth-century history news, I thought this division would be important to reduce clutter and make articles easier to find. Of course the old blog view is still available on the blog page.

The other major update is that the website is now fully responsive. What that means is that if you make your browser window smaller, the website will react and shift its content to fit the smaller window. Of course there is a purpose behind this seemingly senseless gimmick as the website will now automatically be optimized for smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. What I want to say with all that balderdash is that History Rhymes now looks good on a smartphone.

Other than that, there are a few more minor updates such as speed optimizations as well as an overhaul of most of the images on the website to make them “Retina”-friendly. Now all elements should be crisp and sharp on screens with a high density pixel ratio such as most smartphones, tablets and a lot of new laptops.

Of course this website isn’t about technology nor about the technology powering it. In that light, I would also like to say that I’ve got some exciting new history articles in the works that I can’t wait to publish. More updates to come soon!

— Alex

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