Nineteenth-century History

Catching Up

I apologize I haven’t posted anything in the past several days. I had a presentation on Thursday that consumed practically all of my time this week. The presentation, however, was on American cowboys and therefore I am going to use my research to post a new series about real cowboys, trail drives, etc.

Look forward to them coming soon!

Also, I should mention that I have been debating creating a History Rhymes forum for history-related discussion. I think I will go ahead and create one and see if there is any interest in such a thing. It won’t be restricted to just American history, of course, as I feel it would be a useful tool in general for any sort of history-related discussion. Let me know what you think!

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  1. June 6, 2008 9:34 am 

    Hi, I would love to join your forum if you do create one.
    And I think the cowboy series will be very interesting.

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